Monday, December 10, 2007

Biology vs. Society

"Blacks have no right to violate social codes and call it 'racism' when someone tries to stop them, of those codes are not racist codes. That is slander. The fight to sustain social codes isn't a war of black vs. whites or Hispanics vs. blacks, or poor people vs. rich people or even stupid people against intelligent people, or any other of all the other possible cultural confrontations. It's a war of biology vs. society.
"It's a war of biological blacks and biological whites against social blacks and social whites. Genetic patterns just confuse the matter. And this is a war in which intellect, to end the paralysis of society, has to know whose side it is on, and support that side, never undercut it. Where biological values are undermining social values, intellectuals must identify social behavior, no matter what its ethnic connection, and support it all the way without restraint. Intellectuals must find biological behavior, no matter what its ethnic connection, and limit or destroy destructive biological patterns with complete moral ruthlessness, the way a doctor destroys germs, before those biological patterns destroy civilization itself." Lila, p. 357

This is the best description of the proper relationship between intellect, society and biology, and how this relationship is confused by race, that I have seen anywhere. In two paragraphs Pirsig puts the tenured thinkers and writers of reams of sociological jargon to shame.

American society would wear a very different social profile if a small but high-quality group of people had fully read and digested these two paragraphs back in 1991, when Lila was published.
Unfortunately the evidence is all around us of how the message of these two paragraphs has been completely overlooked.

May I bring my reader up to date with Fred Reed's latest:

And: Learning from Diversity, The Case for Expatriation"
Dec. 8, 2007
Again it happens. In Baltimore a young white woman boards a bus and wants to sit down. Each time she tries to take a seat she is told by nine black middle-schools students, ages 14 and 15, including three girls, that she can’t. Finally she sits anyway. The little—the middle-school students, I mean—attack her.
From the Examiner, "She sustained ‘serious injuries’ and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report…[Sarah] Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said. She had eye muscles that were damaged…She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck." Her face will never be the same.
Life in the United States. Race relations as usual. Journalism as usual. I suppose you have been swamped, dear reader, by the national press coverage of this racial attack—right? The outrage? You’ve heard about it over and over on the lobotomy box? Editorialists everywhere just won’t let it rest? Sure.
Curious. Don Imus, apparently a radio jock of some sort, refers to a black women’s basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." Rude, certainly, and unnecessary, but nothing more. It becomes national news and he loses his job. Blacks beat a white woman until her bones break and…near silence.
I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these attacks and of the animals that commit them. And I’m sick of the attitude of the press. But I’m doubtless alone in my sentiments. Right?
The headline in the WJS account says, "Woman Attacked On Bus Placed In Witness Protection." Why? The only reason can be the expectation that blacks will try to kill her to prevent her from testifying against the attackers. Things are out of control...[More on Fred Reed's website]